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Are you looking for a reliable host that supports ASP and You need a good host more than a set of tools to help you plan and achieve your website applications. Many web users are still using the classic ASP 3.0, because it is easy to use. Since ASP is a registered Microsoft product, works only on Windows-based platforms and other Microsoft products and enables creation of dynamic pages and applications.

In 2002, Microsoft improved ASP and named the next version as, which has spawned a few higher versions. However, is different from ASP in several ways. supports the use of many programming languages and offers true object-oriented programming (OOP), inheritance and polymorphism.

Windows server hosting seamlessly supports the ASP.NET framework, which ensures a faster and smoother experience. ASP.NET hosting offers numerous benefits, making it one of the more popular options for many businesses worldwide.

  • Since ASP is compatible with all Microsoft applications, it is a more popular choice for businesses using Microsoft products.

  • ASP.NET hosting smoothly integrates with MS Access databases and MSSQL, allowing businesses using Microsoft Access as their database to relax.

  • With ASP.NET hosting, you have guaranteed performance and security of Windows server, besides the versatility of ASP.

  • The combination of windows server hosting and ASP.NET framework, one of the best web development applications, gives ideal results due to ease of use, compatibility, and security.

  • ASP.NET hosting services may involve a higher cost than other hosting solutions.  

Before picking an ASP web host, you will need to know what ASP version the web host supports, since there are a few higher versions of ASP. If you plan to use the newest ASP version, it is important to find a web host offering a hosting solution for that version.

If you are looking for reliable ASP.Net hosting, consider the price, disk space, and bandwidth on offer by different hosting companies. Also important is your choice of type of ASP.NET hosting, such as dedicated, shared, and virtual hosting.  Also, find out answers to a few other questions before moving ahead with an ASP web hosting provider:

  • What sort of virus protection do the hosts promise to offer to ensure adequate security for your website?

  • How many email addresses do the hosts offer?

  • Is there any kind of backup or disaster recovery solution offered by the web host?

  • What will be preinstalled with your account, including GUIDMaker, MS IE Web Controls, and WSE?

Your final decision should be made depending on the answers to aforementioned questions and your specific business needs for ASP.NET hosting.
Company Price Setup fee Disk Space BandWidth Platform
Web Burner Hosting $4.95 0.00 100 MB 3000 Windows Servers
Database Mart LLC $4.99 0.00 1024 MB 20480 Windows Servers
HostBreak Hosting Services $4.99 0.00 100 MB 0 Windows Servers
DotNetPark $5.85 0.00 50 MB 1000 Windows Servers $5.95 0.00 50 MB 5000 Windows Servers
Alien Hosts $5.95 0.00 100 MB 1000 Windows Servers
HOSTONY $6.85 0.00 390.63 GB 4000000 Windows Servers
Volico Datacenter $7.95 0.00 500 MB 10240 Windows Servers
LCS Hosting $7.95 0.00 150 MB 4096 Windows Servers
Negox! Internet Solutions, LLC $7.95 0.00 9.77 GB 100000 Windows Servers
Netcetera Limited $8.00 0.00 100 MB 2000 Windows Servers
Layerblue Networks $8.25 0.00 500 MB 25000 Windows Servers
Alentus $9.95 20.00 1.46 GB 20000 Windows Servers
ResellerChoice $9.95 0.00 1000 MB 10000 Windows Servers
Enterhost $9.95 25.00 100 MB 4096 Windows Servers
Langnetic $9.99 15.99 50 MB 1000 Windows Servers
UK Web Hosting Services $9.99 0.00 2.93 GB 20000 Windows Servers
DiscountASP.NET">DiscountASP.NET $10.00 0.00 1000 MB 80000 Windows Servers
DotNetted $10.97 0.00 50 MB 1000 Windows Servers
Red Line Services $11.15 0.00 200 MB 2000 Windows Servers

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