ColdFusion Hosting


ColdFusion hosting provides access to a suite of products that enable you to easily create web pages. Consisting of a studio and server, ColdFusionis your answer to creating dynamic web pages, e-commerce sites and developing great websites and applications. This type of hosting is available on both Windows and Linux based applications.


Why UseColdFusion

With ColdFusion website hosting, you can use different types of hosting solutions so that your site remains up and running. As a server-side technology, ColdFusion works well with Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Freehand. While the web server processes ColdFusion, you don't need any special coding training to set up and maintain the site as other site-building solutions. Easy to use, ColdFusion gives your site a fresh and professional look, with advanced dynamic features helping it stand out from the competition.ColdFusion hosting allows you to query, index, chart, or update databases from any browser, offering versatility, flexibility, and interaction to different ecommerce sites.


What to Look for In ColdFusion Hosting Provider

With this type of hosting, you can design a shopping cart used for e-commerce sites, content publishing systems, multifunctional sites and enjoy constant support for interactive flash applications.


  • Reliability - An ideal hosting provider offers a guarantee of a high uptime of 99.9% to make sure your site is always available.

  • Technical Support - As an online business owner, looking to attract customers through your website, you want your website up and working all the time. While looking for a ColdFusion hosting provider, find one that promises to offer constant technical support. Have it included in your plan even if that comes at a price.

  • Flexibility - Choose a provider that offers you the flexibility to change plans to cater to your ever-expanding business needs. You may start out small, but over time, your need may tend to grow as your business prospers. Choose a hosting plan that offers scalability and can upgrade and grow with you.

  • Cost - Price is one of the key criteria to determine the best hosting package. Start with comparing features and options provided by different hosts. Compare those offering customized features and services at competitive prices.

    An ideal ColdFusion hosting package includes expert server management, knowledgeable ColdFusion programmers on staff, robust hardware to support your apps, and updated ColdFusion versions and features. Web pages created with ColdFusion include HTML and server-side CFML language, which will help you control behavior of your applications, generate dynamic content, and integrate wide range of server technologies.

    Company Price Setup fee Disk Space BandWidth Platform
    Xtreme Hosting Inc. $3.50 0.00 200 MB 8000 Linux
    Osiris Communications $12.95 20.00 250 MB 2000 Linux

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