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Business operation

Centurion Systems, Inc is a privately held company located in Denver, Colorado. Specializing in Internet web development, web hosting, dedicated servers and data driven web applications, Centurion integrates the latest Internet technologies with creative designs.

Centurion was started with the vision of offering quality, scalable and flexible Internet solutions while maintaining outstanding customer service. We take the time to listen to our customers and work with them to prove a solution that will meet their business needs.

By analyzing your present and future business strategy, we are able to determine which of our services will best suite your needs. In today's world, where a web presence is essential, we design an Internet solution together with speed to market and cost effectiveness in mind.

Network Connection and Infrastructure

Centurion Systems' data center has direct connections to six of the largest Tier 1 backbones providers in existence. These providers are Sprint, Cable & Wireless, GTE, AT&T, Digex and UUNet. Direct connections mean few hops between networks, and thus faster server response. With each provider's connections running over a different carrier's fiber, and with multiple fiber connections into our building, we can give you a 100% network uptime guarantee. That's right, 100%. We are so confident in our connectivity that we'll offer refunds for anything less than complete uptime. Our data center also features state-of-the-art power management. With multiple power grid connections, the likelihood of a local outage affecting us is quite small. In the event of a major power outage, our UPS's will take over and our diesel generators engage within seconds. Our generators are redundant, and each one can power the entire data center for 24 hours on a single tank of diesel fuel.

Reseller Plans and Options

How does it work? You can resell our web hosting as if it were your own. Charge whatever you want, send out your own invoices, and collect your own payments. If there is ever a problem with your accounts, we will always contact you, and never your customer. All hosting accounts are eligible for reseller discounts. Below are the reseller discounts: Level Accounts Discount Tier 1 3 - 15 25 % Tier 2 16 - 30 30 % Tier 3 31 + 35 %

Number of Website Hosted :200
Dedicated Server ServicesChecked
Colocation ServicesChecked
Application Hosting Services:Checked
Managed Hosting Services:Checked
24 Hours Telephone Support:Checked
Online Billing Status:Checked


Hosting Plan(s) from Centurion Systems
  •   ($19.99, 6000, Windows Servers)
  •   ($49.99, 10, Windows Servers)
  •   ($99.99, 15, Windows Servers)
  •   ($9.99, 6, Linux)
  •   ($14.99, 8, Linux)
  •   ($24.99, 10, Linux)
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Over All: 95 %
Price: 80 %
Features: 100%
Support: 100%
Reliability: 100%
Speed: 100%
Security: 90%
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