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A dedicated server is basically a physical server accessed only by one customer, who has complete control over its resources. It is much like owning your own server, but you do not need a large initial investment to set it up. A dedicated server provides more flexibility for businesses that need to develop hosting for their websites.

Dedicated hosting offers more RAM, more storage space, more bandwidth, and more resources, thus allowing you more freedom and stable connectivity to run the server all the time, compared to other forms of web hosting. A dedicated server client is free to utilize the full RAM and CPU, without the need for dividing the resources among multiple customers. What’s more, you don’t even need any technical knowledge to administer the server.

As you are the sole owner of the server and are not sharing it with any other system, security is greatly improved, with no one else able to access the information stored within.


  • Dedicated bandwidth means your site visitors can browse through your website seamlessly, without having to wait for the web pages to load due to high traffic. With shared servers, slow load times can occur, frustrating site visitors and negatively impacting your traffic count.

  • A dedicated server allows you more disk space, which helps when you are ready to expand your site.

  • With dedicated hosting, you have the advantage of better functionality and control features. You can install a control panel, such as DirectAdmin, CPanel, Plesk, or WHM, to manage your website more easily.

  • Dedicated hosting is more flexible and offers you more choice over the operating system, CPU, hardware, and other variables. The more the variables the greater the security issues. With a dedicated server, only your applications will be uploaded, ensuring more stable hosting.

  • In many cases you can expect better service with dedicated hosting. Since you have purchased an entire server from the hosting provider, you will be a more valuable customer.

  • With your own dedicated server, you can conveniently upgrade or switch to a different package.

  • A dedicated hosting environment is generally thought to be more secure than other environments, as your servers are placed in data centers that are monitored and maintained round the clock.

When it comes to selecting a dedicated hosting solution, you may choose managed dedicated hosting or unmanaged dedicated hosting. In managed hosting, the service provider manages all needs of the hosting environment. In unmanaged dedicated server hosting, you are solely in charge of the server, having to control hardware, operating system, web server, and Internet connectivity.

Website Price Memory Processor Platform $ 79.00 1024 MB Intel Celeron Linux $ 74.95 4 GB Intel Quad Core Xeon X3430 Linux $ 295.00 1000 MB Intel Xeon Windows Servers $ 125.00 64 MB
s:// $ 99.95 512 MB Intel P4 Windows Servers $ 99.00 512 MB Pentium III Linux $ 700.00 1000 MB Intel PIII Linux $ 399.00 512 MB Dual Core Intel PentiumD Windows Servers $ 200.00 4 GB Intel Linux $ 149.00 128 MB AMD Athlon XP Unix $ 99.00 512 MB P4 Linux $ 999.00 Unix $ 109.95 1024 MB Celeron Linux $ 122.90 1024 MB Celeron® 2.0GHz1 processor Linux $ 226.74 1024 MB Linux $ 199.00 1024 MB Intel Pentium 4 Linux $ 187.50 4 GB Pentium III+ FreeBSD $ 110.00 1024 MB Dual Intel Core 2 Duo E2220, 2.4Ghz Linux $ 179.00 4 GB Core2Quad Q9550 Linux $ 120.00 512 MB Intel Celeron Linux

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