Ecommerce Hosting


Ecommerce hosting refers to the type of web hosting needed by commercial websites. Since these sites need different features to support their catalogues, they require the right website builder, robust servers and applications, great disk space, higher bandwidth, besides programming language support. In simple terms, ecommerce hosting provides you with all the tools required to sell your products or services online. As an online store, you need:


  • A web server to host your business web pages
  • A payment gateway and merchant account
  • Shopping cart tools to enable you to accept and store shopping choices of the site visitors
  • An SSL certificate to ensure security for financial transactions
  • A web analytics package to help you track who is shopping on your website, their location, and time spent on your store's site

    A professional reliable hosting provider is important if you want to ensure your site is accessible and available to customers all the time without any service interruptions. When choosing an ecommerce hosting provider for your business, consider the following:


    Enough bandwidth

    Since you plan to offer an online store, your main purpose is to offer products/ services, for which it is important to attract good amount of traffic. Your site should be capable enough to handle large amount of activity, traffic, clicks, and page impressions. Only a reliable ecommerce hosting provider can ensure that your website doesn't crash under pressure and traffic.


    Ample amount of disk space

    It is important that you have adequate space for installing different applications, including shopping cart, inventory management tools, payment processors, email databases, product catalog, and plugins, required for an online store to seamlessly process orders, track sales, and receive payments.


    Server OS

    Make sure the operating system matches the server's programming language. For example, for an Asp.Net shopping cart, it is important that you opt for Windows hosting, and Linux hosting would be the best alternative if you have a PHP/MySQL cart.



    Constant technical support will ensure that there is no downtime. In the event of a disaster or any eventuality, technical support will ensure everything is restored in no time. This is indispensable to running an ecommerce store. Thus you should look for an ecommerce hosting provider that promises minimal downtime and can be contacted right away in the event of any problem.


    Domain name

    An ideal web host will help you configure your existing domain name for your ecommerce website or suggest a new one. A domain name is quite important as far as your brand identity is concerned, as your customers are more likely to remember your domain when searching for your website. In fact, a good domain name can even help you drive traffic to your site.


    Level 1 PCI compliance

    Since financial transactions take place on ecommerce stores, you should go for a PCI Compliant web hosting provider to make sure your customer data and cardholder data are secure.


    Hosting redundancy

    Your ecommerce hosting provider should ensure redundancy setup to help you avoid business losses if the server goes down and you lose important transactions due to downtime. A web redundancy setup will help you avoid this problem, as the traffic will be automatically directed to the mirror server if one web server goes down.


    As an online store, it is important you have an appealing website, a robust and scalable server in order to attract and retain customers. A reliable ecommerce hosting provider has all the necessary features to help you build a strong online presence and increase customer's loyalty.

    Company Price Setup fee Disk Space BandWidth Platform
    z555 $3.85 0.00 1.95 GB 80000 Unix
    SiteServing $4.95 0.00 48.83 GB 500000 Linux
    DOMAIN-HOST.BIZ $4.99 0.00 2.44 GB 40000 Linux
    TierHost $7.95 0.00 1000 MB 30000 Linux
    Asiahost.Net LLC $9.95 0.00 150 MB 5000 Unix $9.95 26.95 100 MB 3000 Unix
    Esystal Technologies Canada $12.00 0.00 800 MB 15000 Unix
    Osiris Communications $12.95 20.00 250 MB 2000 Linux

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