Linux & Unix Hosting


The Linux/Unix hosting platform is known to be the most reliable, stable, secure, and affordable, offering high uptime, stability, and speed. Popularly used for the tough environment of mail servers, Unix hosting platform is increasingly becoming popular these days. Over 70% of the web servers use Linux and Unix operating systems. In fact, it is being perceived as a better hosting platform than Windows web server hosting environment.


Linux and UNIX providers offer complete support for PostgreSQL, MS SQL, and MySQL databases. As the most common budget hosting platform, Linux and Unix web hosting package offers enormous amount of space, support to scripting languages, including Perl, FTP, SSH, MySQL, ColdFusion, PHP, Tcl, Shell, Java, C/C++, along with a wide variety of features, at an affordable price.


This type of hosting is preferred by the open source community, as with Windows hosting, it isn't possible to host phpBB discussion boards, Wordpress blogs, and other popular online galleries, which are ideally suited for Linux and Unix hosting environment. Proficient users often prefer Unix hosting, since they need higher level of server access to carry out web development using Shell scripting. If you're a web developer requiring root level access to the server and execution of Shell scripts, Linux hosting would be an ideal choice. With Linux and Unix hosting, there is a guarantee of higher level of flexibility.


In terms of hosting speed, Linux and Unix computations happen to be much quicker than Windows. Since Unix and Linux platforms are open source, you may avail their licenses for free. This is what makes the Unix platform cheaper than the Windows platform. Also, you get a full-fledged server and desktop applications along with the Operating System as add-ons.


With Linux-Unix hosting, greater compatibility with latest technological developments and high levels of security are guaranteed. Linux and Unix servers are easy to host and upload and you can host sites using different types of file extensions, such as .html, .cgi, .htm, .shtml, .pl, .xml, .php, and others.


cPanel or Admin Panel offered by Windows web hosts and Linux hosting providers is almost identical, which facilitates users to manage sites and data files. Since the source code can be altered easily on a Linux platform, development work is a lot easier than Windows hosting, wherein it is almost impossible to get root level access to the server.


Ideally, a Linux/Unix hosting plan must include all features offered by a shared Windows hosting plan, though Linux/Unix has an added advantage in terms of pricing, reliability, and flexibility.

Company Price Setup fee Disk Space BandWidth Platform
thomas // avery $10.00 0.00 1000 MB 10000 Linux
Osiris Communications $12.95 20.00 250 MB 2000 Linux
Hard Hat Hosting $13.11 0.00 150 MB 5000 Linux
Hostspring $13.97 10.00 150 MB 8000 Linux
Supreme Center Hosting $14.00 0.00 14.65 GB 300000 Linux
Breal - Brilliant Hosting $14.00 28.00 1000 MB 20000 Linux
eInfoHost $14.95 0.00 100 MB 3000 Linux
ValiantHost LLC $15.00 0.00 250 MB 10000 Linux
Idologic Incorporated $15.00 0.00 1000 MB 10000 Linux
VS Hosting Ltd $15.99 0.00 1024 MB 20480 Linux
SoroLive $17.95 0.00 1000 MB 20000 Linux
Subdimension Hosting $19.99 0.00 200 MB 20000 Linux, Inc $19.99 0.00 9.77 GB 100000 Linux
Portal Planet $20.00 0.00 250 MB 2000 Linux

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