PHP Hosting


A popular scripting language, PHP is widely used to create dynamic web pages. A PHP website should be hosted on a server having a PHP processor module. Before selecting a hosting provider, make sure the web host plan supports PHP and offers the latest PHP builds.


Top Things to Consider Before Choosing a PHP Provider

In PHP, you have an object-oriented programming language. By using PHP, webmasters are able to create dynamic pages, perform SGI task, and output PDF files, images, or videos quickly. If you plan to build an e-commerce site with catalogues, then go for PHP hosting, as it can help you create dynamic contents displaying your products and services on the website. This type of hosting is used with MySQL databases.


  • Most PHP hosting providers offer seamless access to your php.ini file and provision to create your php.ini, so you can make custom changes for your needs while controlling access to your site.

  • An ideal hosting provider offers customized support and services that best suit your needs.

  • Look for a web host that does not impose any preset limits on post size, upload size, or memory size.

  • The best web host offers flexible, scalable services, allowing you to transition to advanced platforms to host your web apps. The hosting provider should support all the latest technologies, such as Python, FrontPage, and Ruby. Check if your shortlisted PHP host offers this flexibility.

  • A good hosting provider offers excellent customer support at a competitive price, offering you peace of mind.

  • An ideal hosting company ensures 99.9% uptime to make sure none of your site visitors has to wait for your website pages to load. High uptime ensures your site is up and running all the time.

  • Your host should offer adequate security and provide firewalls on all servers, allowing you to run multiple PHP versions on your website validating various security measures.

    An experienced hosting provider can guarantee better performance and customer support. It isn't a good idea to opt for an inexperienced PHP host. Make sure your web host provides you with the flexibility to host more than one website with the same account.

    Company Price Setup fee Disk Space BandWidth Platform
    thomas // avery $10.00 0.00 1000 MB 10000 Linux
    Osiris Communications $12.95 20.00 250 MB 2000 Linux
    Hard Hat Hosting $13.11 0.00 150 MB 5000 Linux
    Hostspring $13.97 10.00 150 MB 8000 Linux
    Supreme Center Hosting $14.00 0.00 14.65 GB 300000 Linux
    Breal - Brilliant Hosting $14.00 28.00 1000 MB 20000 Linux
    eInfoHost $14.95 0.00 100 MB 3000 Linux
    ValiantHost LLC $15.00 0.00 250 MB 10000 Linux
    Idologic Incorporated $15.00 0.00 1000 MB 10000 Linux
    VS Hosting Ltd $15.99 0.00 1024 MB 20480 Linux
    SoroLive $17.95 0.00 1000 MB 20000 Linux
    Subdimension Hosting $19.99 0.00 200 MB 20000 Linux, Inc $19.99 0.00 9.77 GB 100000 Linux
    Portal Planet $20.00 0.00 250 MB 2000 Linux

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