Virtual Private Server


Virtual private server, VPS, hosting refers to a hosting service wherein one physical server is spilt into multiple servers or virtual machines, allowing you the option to exercise greater control over your server settings compared to shared hosting. In fact, VPS hosting is an ideal platform to handle huge traffic or difficult application programs.


What Is VPS Hosting?

In VPS hosting, a single physical server acts as multiple virtual servers, with powerful CPU computing capabilities, great storage space, and terrific memory. If you are a website owner or a web developer and need root level access to the server, VPS hosting is a much reliable solution for you, allowing you to handle huge bandwidth requirements as well as high traffic. With a virtual private server hosting, you have complete control over the dedicated server, with no hassle of sharing resources with other partitions, giving you a more robust and reliable alternative.


Benefits of VPS hosting

Ideally seen as the future of modern hosting, a virtual private server provides the functionality and power of a high-end dedicated server but at a fraction of the latter's cost. Each VPS machine has custom configurations of its own along with dedicated CPU and RAM, and can be run under a separate operating system.


  • Root server access: With VPS hosting, there is an administrative layer above the virtual machines, which monitors resource usage as well as prevents any kind of bottlenecks in the performance. Virtual private server is a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective option to a full dedicated server, giving you full access to root server and all the features and resources that you would get from dedicated hosting.

  • No sharing: With VPS hosting, there is no security risk to your database and information. You enjoy complete independence, with no resource sharing with other websites, unlike shared hosting. There would be no impact of any changes in other websites located on the main server on your websites. With no risk of bad neighbor effect in VPS hosting, you get peace of mind that your website is safe and secure, and won't be affected by any outside elements.

  • The web host is responsible for the maintenance of the virtual private server, allowing you to focus on your business functioning and core competencies, rather than worrying about repairs, maintenance, patches, or upgrades.

  • Backup: A virtual private server can be backed up into an image that can be rebooted on another node in the event of a disaster, thus offering a faster route to disaster recovery.

  • Scalability: With VPS hosting, the server can be scaled up and down to cater to the increasing demand. You can add extra resources without the fear of downtime. Contrarily, with dedicated hosting, there is a higher chance of forced downtime for CPU/RAM/Drive upgrade.

    While choosing a VPS hosting provider, it is crucial to find out their experience as a VPS hosting company. You may choose between Windows VPS hosting and Linux virtual private server hosting and customize the server as per your requirements. Being a cheaper alternative than dedicated hosting, VPS hosting undoubtedly is a great option for startups and small businesses.  


    Company Price Setup fee Disk Space BandWidth Platform
    Usonyx $29.95 20.00 500 MB 7168 Linux
    myVPSHost $40.00 10.00 19.53 GB 200000 Unix

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