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Dedicated Server Differences

For many, a dedicated server is the ultimate web hosting solution. It combines the advantages of the web host's technical support with dedicated connectivity, sole use and precise control over your web sites server.

Monthly plans keep startup costs comparatively low in comparison to owning an in-house server and offer professional data and hardware security. The superior connectivity of your host is maximized, because, unlike shared (or virtual) hosting programs, you and your site visitors are the only users of the server. For enterprises with extensive sites it is a great way to enhance efficiency while reducing monthly costs.

Servers come in all different shapes and sizes and run on numerous platforms: Unix, FreeBSD, LINUX, Windows NT, Solaris and MAC OS. The platform you choose depends on the skills of your technical team matched against the purpose of your site -- what kind of applications you must run and so forth.

Most large web hosting companies have a variety of servers and may even oblige your specific needs on long term contracts. Where your server is located, what hardware and data security measures protect it, the speed of your web host providers network and proficiency of their technical support, are as important as the qualities of the server. In these aspects the choice of dedicated server packages are guided by the same principals as those surrounding co-location services.

Does your company need a server dedicated specifically to your web presence? Your decision depends on a number of factors including your bandwidth usage, storage requirements, IP address needs, root access, performance and security requirements.

Why companies choose a dedicated server:

  1. Bandwidth and Data Transfer A Dedicated Server package allows you to maximize the bandwidth potential of your site. If you are upgrading from shared server, your site will no longer be one among many sites accessing the file systems of the server that it is hosted on -- only you and your web site visitors will be calling on your web server. This means that you can take best advantage of the high-speed network provided your web host and the speed of the server.
  2. Network and Location The cost of purchasing a dedicated server package obliges the purchaser to do significant research when choosing a web host. As in server co-location the environment and network connections such as Ethernet switches, T1/T3 lines, routers and backbone can play a significant role in the decision making process. The insured location and fire, theft and data loss protection of your web hosts server facility can greatly enhance the safety of your Internet venture.
  3. Storage Most dedicated server plans offer upwards of 4.3 GB storage space as opposed to an average of 100 MB disk space offered with shared hosting plans. This translates into more flexibility in allocating space to graphic intensive content, multimedia applications and databases.
  4. IP Addresses Having access to multiple Internet Protocol (IP) addresses will enable dedicated server users to host multiple sites with unique IP numbers. The biggest advantage of assigning one IP per domain as opposed to one IP for multiple domains, is that all of these unique IP addresses will be listed individually by search engines.
  5. Superior Administration With a dedicated host, your hosting company will let you make significant changes to the Internal file structures of the server, with programs such as PC Anywhere, FTP Daemon or Telnet.

Administrators can create special programming to work with your web site, thus allowing features that function specifically for your site. Most web hosts will not allow this on shared servers as your programming changes may interfere with the other sites that reside on that server. Summary: The user must have a solid working knowledge of the server, the chosen operating system and networking in general.

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