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What To Expect From A Good Host

No one wants to be stuck with a bad web host - the service can be painfully slow and you may lose business due to downtime. Before you start uploading your site to your new host, read through their technical section, it will save you time.


If you have uploaded your site and something is not working, do not hesitate to contact them, they should be only to glad to help - and once again it can save you time. To give you an example, the other day we were contacted by one of our clients. He had tried 20 times to upload a graphic to his site but it was still not showing up. I had a look at the site and it was a simple mistake in the HTML code (something we all do!).


Don't get me wrong, this was a very experienced website designer, now imagine the time he could have saved if he had contacted us as soon as he was having problems. Also do not be afraid to contact your hosting company about other internet (and computer) problems you might be having, or just for general advice. They should feel more like friends - not just a faceless company.


You can not expect every response to you to be from the same person, but at least they should know your previous problems/questions. Remember you are a customer paying them for a service, they should be interested in your business - as they will do well...if you do well.

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