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3 Requirements for Choosing a Good ASP Host

In the world of internet application, solutions are greater than products. Individuals and companies are still investing in web technologies, but they are investing in solutions with demonstrated benefits. If you are looking for top-notch ASP hosting solutions that helps you to deliver quick productivity and profitability, you need the necessary hosting foundation and ASP tools to help you plan and achieve your deliverables for your site. So what are the basic requirements that you should look for, in choosing a good ASP hosting account?

1) Use the latest software
Be sure to select hosting provider who uses ASP v3.0, ADO 2.8 MDAC 2.8 and offers optional Microsoft XML 4.0 sp2 running on either IIS5.0 or IIS6.0 so that you can use most of the ASP features to maximize the functionalities of your website.

2) Look for Microsoft certification
Choose hosting providers with the knowledge and proficiency in managing and implementing ASP, ASP.net and other Microsoft related solutions. Any of certification below ensures that your ASP site is backed and support by a team of qualified professionals.

Microsoft Certified Partner
This basic certification builds relevance and value into all the Microsoft tools and resources ensuring your hosting provider continues to maintain their expertise. Although this certification not necessary means the support staff has the qualified knowledge to provide troubleshooting solution, but it proves the company's skill and knowledge.

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators (MCSAs)
This certification proves that the certified support staff can administer network and systems environments based on the Microsoft Windows platforms.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSEs)
This certification proves that the certified system engineers working in the hosting company has the ability and knowledge to design and implement infrastructure solutions based on the Windows platform and Microsoft Servers software

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
Not many hosting companies employs a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA). Hosting companies who employ a Microsoft Certified Database Administrators can safely provide essential Microsoft SQL Server solution for customers. In another words, a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator has the know-how in designing, implementing, and administrating Microsoft SQL Server databases

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
Most talented founders of many North American hosting companies started with these certification on hand to offer ASP hosting services. This premier certification proves the individual has the proficiency in designing and developing leading-edge business solutions using Microsoft development tools and technologies as well as the Microsoft .NET Framework.

3) Check the PHP, Perl & MYSQL details
At some point in time when you are designing or developing your website, you may want to consider integrating and running certain sub folders or web pages using PHP instead. This can be particular true when you want to develop high-end forum. ASP may have all the features to do a very accepting forum, but integrating ASP with MS Access database may just be too clumsy since it has very limited concurrent user sessions. While you can consider integrating it with SQL server, but the end of the implementation, you may just abandon it to find out SQL server is just too pricy for a forum. On certain internet application, the most cost effective implementation may not be ASP. Hence, consider hosting compan

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