Cheap Web Hosting


In today's business climate, every dollar counts. Cheap web hosting plans can offer small businesses, start-ups and individuals the ultimate platform to find an affordable home for their website and an opportunity to make their online presence felt across the globe.


Cheap hosting allows you to trim your budget, plain and simple. You can use that money instead for production and promotion of your products and services online. When you are able to host your website for an affordable price, you have the potential to reach a wider global audience, spanning countries and borders in a quick and effective manner. The fact is that many affordable web hosting plans are now available, with the key features you need.


Features of Cheap Web Hosting

If you are looking for a cheap website hosting plan, you may want to choose shared hosting with a reliable web host. Their affordable plan should include reliable technical and customer support and customized features that you need. Make sure the plan you choose will easily grow as your business expands.


  • Storage Space - Before opting for a hosting plan, it is important to find out how much storage or disk space is required to host your website and database. Unless you have an ecommerce or dynamic website, you don't need too much disk space. Similarly, if you plan to run multimedia applications on your website, you would need a dynamic site, which would require higher storage space and transfer allotment.

  • Domains - Some hosting providers offer affordable plans that allow you to host all your domains without paying extra. Some web hosts offer domain registration or renewal for free. However, be careful here: some hosting providers may register your domain using their own name, which could amount to locking you into service with them, since they can essentially hold your domain name hostage.

  • Scalability - A good web host will allow you to make constant changes to the content on your website so that it stays fresh. A website that is regularly updated attracts visitors more than one that has stale content. Such a website has a better chance of ranking high in the search engines. Particularly if you run an ecommerce business with frequently updating inventory, look for a hosting plan that doesn't charge extra fees for updating the site.

  • Security - The best cheap web hosting plans offer virus and spam filters as part of the package. Moreover, any hosting plan should guarantee reliable uptime performance, 24x7 support, and backup and server security. A company that doesn't offer instant technical support should be avoided. Your customers and site users won't wait long for your site to come back up; they'll look elsewhere for what they need. If you choose a cheap server host that frequently shuts down, the sole purpose of maintaining an online presence would be defeated, and you may end up losing valuable clients.

    When looking for a hosting plan, identify your requirements first and then pick the features you need for your site. Always remember that price is just one of many factors when deciding on the hosting provider that will be the best partner for your web presence.

    Company Price Setup fee Disk Space BandWidth Platform
    Xtreme Hosting Inc. $3.50 0.00 200 MB 8000 Linux
    Osiris Communications $12.95 20.00 250 MB 2000 Linux

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