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Many people believe that Windows server hosting is far superior to other hosting platforms currently available. With the potential to empower some of the biggest sites on the Internet, Windows hosting allows a high level of security, compatibility, smooth integration, and a single point of control.

Windows hosting allows you to execute and develop web pages using ASP and scripting technology. Since Windows is the commercial hosting system of Microsoft, it enables seamless hosting of business websites of any magnitude.

Choosing Windows Hosting Over Other Web Hosts

Since the launch of Windows Server 2000, there have been many editions in between, including HPC Server 2008, Small Business Server, 2008 R2, Essential Business Server and Home Server, and Windows Server 2008, among others. All these servers offer hosting solutions including data sharing, streaming, business propositions, and home applications.

  • It is one of the best platforms for hosting websites using .NET or visual basic programming. If you are a fan of the WYSIWYG editor, then Windows hosting will probably be more advantageous for you. If you want to use ASP or Dynamically Database Driven Pages, then Windows is the right choice.

  • Windows server hosting allows you to host a website without the need to learn a new programming language.

  • With Windows hosting, you can expect to receive robust database support. The Windows platform offers relational database support, GUI support, and full complete integration for database servers, including MySQL, MSDE, or MSSQL.

  • Sites using Microsoft Front Page extension cannot run without Windows platform hosting.

  • Windows web hosting is the most appropriate option if you are using Microsoft SharePoint for content management of your site. Similarly, Windows servers are the only option for database applications based on Microsoft Access.

  • Windows servers are built in with DotNetPanel, providing unmatched scalability and flexibility and enabling you to manage your applications.

  • Windows web hosting may seem costlier than other alternatives; however, make sure you are comparing all the add-ons that come with such hosting, such as free updates and Microsoft licensing.

Windows server hosting promises to offer you a well-rounded hosting service that supports some of the latest technologies.

Company Price Setup fee Disk Space BandWidth Platform
Global Tech Hosting $4.95 0.00 50 MB 2000 Windows Servers
uplinkearth $4.95 9.95 50 MB 2000 Windows Servers
Net Force Web Design $4.95 9.95 25 MB 0 Windows Servers
Web Burner Hosting $4.95 0.00 100 MB 3000 Windows Servers $4.99 0.00 1.95 GB 0 Windows Servers
Database Mart LLC $4.99 0.00 1024 MB 20480 Windows Servers
HostBreak Hosting Services $4.99 0.00 100 MB 0 Windows Servers
Ole-Web.Net $4.99 0.00 10 MB 250 Windows Servers Ltd $5.00 0.00 5 MB 0 Windows Servers
Sonic Web Network $5.00 0.00 25 MB 0 Windows Servers

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